Trip to Barcelona-Spain

Trip to Barcelona-Spain

For visitors and tourists like us, Barcelona is one of the most loved cities in entire Europe. There is so much here to see and do, and you can have the time of your life with its incredible architecture, heritage sites, beaches, markets, and museums. Casa Batlló

One of the most famous Gaudi houses in Barcelona is Casa Batlló. This is the reason why kept it the first one to visit during our trip. The outside of this building was very intriguing for us as it showed famous verandahs on the building portico. The spine-like stairway inside and organic rooms are sure to make your time pleasing and ideal.

Casa Milá

La Pedrera is another name of Casa Milá and is considered to be the last civil work of Gaudi houses in Barcelona. The façade in this building has a stone-like feel and is very supportive, and free up the rest of the place from load-bearing stockades. As soon as we entered the building, we were awestruck by the ground floor courtyard with an incredible inside view. As we went upstairs, we found some apartments which were open to the public. The roof terrace area was the highlight of Casa Milá because it had famous chimneys, stairways, and skylights.

Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is a very famous street of Plaça de Catalunya where people often come to take a walk and eat something delicious when they are hungry and tired from all the sightseeing. Here we took a drink from the fountain located at the north end of the boulevard which is guaranteed to take you back to the city for more adventures. The street is always so crowded with people watching and waiting to get a seat at the wide range of dining options outdoor. These options are not cheap and authentic but still, let you have a slight taste of food and culture.

La Boqueria

Halfway down the spot of Las Ramblas, you will find yourself in La Boqueria which is the most famous yet the oldest market of Barcelona. At first, this market was only located outside the walls of the city but since it was always very famous and had items which were not easily available in the city. Today, t La Boqueria is still very popular among visitors and tourists like us and still holds a reputation for having all the wide-ranging items from the marketplaces in the city. Here the most famous items among people are meat, fruits, fish and sweets.

Columbus Monument

Columbus Monument is also called Mirador de Colom is Spanish. When we reached here, we were welcomed by the vision of a huge column on top of which there was a statue located called Statue of Christopher Columbus. Today this monument holds the reputation of being a traditional monument as well as an amazing tourist attraction where people can head inside and have a good look at the southern side of Barcelona. There is a minimal entry fee to enter this monument, we bought these tickets online, but you can also get them in person whenever you deiced to pay a visit.

Las Golondrinas Boat Tour

At the end of the Columbus monument, you will find the marine area of Barcelona. We were quite tried to walking around visiting the monumental places of Barcelona so taking the boat ride was very relaxing and restful for us. We let the scenery float by and enjoyed our coffee while taking the tour. We took the boat from the port where there were guides to show around and give us an outlook of the Barcelona harbour. It was a 90-minute tour with different routes and lengths depending on what the tourists wanted to see.

Barcelona Aquarium or Catalonia History Museum

Once the ride was finished, we went on exploring some fine options at the end of the town. There were two for us, i.e. Barcelona Aquarium or Catalonia History Museum. The aquarium of Barcelona is outstanding and is very good if you are visiting with family. The Catalonia History Museum takes you to a brief overview of the history of Barcelona and its people. There is everything for you to see from prehistory to today’s modern world.

Recinte Modernista Sant Pau

It is a relatively new place for tourists to visit in Barcelona. Because of its beauty and structure, Recinte Modernista Sant Pau is becoming more and more popular among Barcelona’s finest attractions. We explored this compel passionately and got to go inside of a few buildings. For us, it was a very stunning place to walk around both insides as well as outside of the building. Though this building was originally built as a hospital, the way the series of such buildings are made, it shows that it is the premium work of Europe’s Art Nouveau architecture.

Park Güell

When we went to the north side of the city, we came across this beautiful place called Park Güell which is another work of Gaudi. This place is different from other parks here because it is made over a very large area with a variety of installations to visit and explore by the tourists. This place was originally planned to work as an accommodation development of upper-class assets giving away amazing views. Even though that could not happen, some of the envisioned features by Gaudi were created for the public such as the main terrace area, entrance house, collonaded footpaths, and mosaic serpentine bench.

Chocolate Museum

The thing we loved the most about this place is its entrance ticket which is a huge bar of chocolate. This museum is all about the history of chocolate including how it became so famous in Europe. Barcelona is one of the most important ports for importing chocolate into the country and is, therefore, playing a key role in enhancing the economy of Europe as well. There are many chocolate statues that we got to see along with the displays that were made of chocolate too.