Book Your Flight To Madrid

Book Your Flight To Madrid

Madrid, is a vibrant metropolis of grand boulevards and sprawling, manicured green parks like the Buen Retiro and Prada. It is renowned for its vast repositories of fine art, ranging from the prestigious Prada Museum to the works of Goya and others from Spain’s rich artistic past. The main heart of old Madrid is its historic Portico-lined Plaza Mayor, whilst nearby are the Baroque Royal Castle and armory, with their impressive antique weaponry. This city centre has also been a key site in the history of the Balearic Islands, with the medieval city of Almeria being home to the famous Almunecar or “Almunix”. Visitors to Madrid can experience all this in their own time through various things to do in Madrid.

Royal Palace Madrid Palace Royal  - ddzphoto / Pixabay
ddzphoto / Pixabay

If you want to find out more about Madrid, then the first thing you should do is to head up the Gran Via de Los Lomas and take a glimpse of the magnificent palaces and cathedrals that adorn the hilltop streets that rise above the city. The Palace of King Juan Carlos, built during the reign of Francisco Pizarro (the founder of Spain) is particularly impressive. The Painted Monastery in the Alhambra on the mountain top is another popular spot where visitors can get a taste of history. There are also plenty of tourist attractions on the streets around the city, but the most important things to do in Madrid are found in the historic and cultural center, which is also the capital of Spain.

If you’re looking to find something more than history to see in Madrid, there are plenty of great museums to visit in the city. The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and the Museo de Bellas Artes have a long tradition of showing off Spanish art and culture.

One of the most famous places in Madrid that you cannot miss if you are in the city is Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. Here you will find an array of exhibits that showcase a great range of artistic talents, which include pottery, glass, textiles and paintings. This museum was one of the earliest and now houses one of the world’s finest collections of this kind of work. Centro de Arte Reina Sofia can be reached from the Centro de Cibeles, which is not too far away.

Some of the most famous artists are currently making the rounds of Madrid, such as Ceballos, Arteaga, Guedes, GarcĂ­a and many others. Other famous faces who are making appearances in Madrid include Salvador Dali, who is showing off his new paintings in a new exhibition. If you enjoy art, then there is no shortage of things to see in Madrid.

If you like wine, then the Tourmaline district of the city is probably the place for you. You can enjoy a stroll along the Promenade Della Gran Paradiso and have a look at the famous ‘Alhambra’. Tourmaline has been a favourite place for wine drinking for centuries, so you can always expect to find a good bottle for sale in every shop and restaurant. Tourmaline is well known for its great tasting reds, white wines and sparkling wines, but it is also well known for its local produce and specialty dishes. In fact, it is one of the most famous areas in the whole of Spain.

There is more to Madrid than just a fascinating and interesting history. Now that you know how to visit Madrid, you can go ahead and start exploring it. Book your flights to Madrid today and you will be in the city in no time.